I start with copper sheet metal, and cut the design out with a hand powered jeweler's saw.  I next file and sand the piece.
 This is my kiln.  I next "anneal" the piece, which is heating up the metal to remove internal stresses and prepare the metal for the fusion with glass.
 The annealed metal goes into a "pickle", or acid bath to remove scaling and oxidation.
 The piece is hammered if there is a need for 3-D effect.  All my chimes and ornaments are hammered a bit to add dimension.
 Enamel is first applied to the back side of the piece and fired.  
 The glass is applied to the front, then the back again.  Each layer is one thin layer.  Each piece gets at least 7 firings.  The detail and color definition comes from the build up of these layers.
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